Google searches for flight tracking data from Jordanian Airways flight tracker

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Searching for flight tracker data on Google Maps and on Google Flight Matrix brings up a new and intriguing phenomenon: the virtual search for aircraft data.

The data, which the company uses to help make the app even more useful to the public, is often used by companies to help customers figure out if their flights have gone missing.

But the data can also be used to help companies identify aircraft that may have been hijacked.

And it’s been used by some of the biggest airlines in the world to track aircraft for hours before they ever make it to the ground.

A Boeing 737-800 that went missing from Larnaca Airport in Greece on Aug. 26, 2017, after its captain refused to let passengers board the plane.

(AP Photo/Vladimir Petkovic)Google, however, has been cautious about sharing data from its flight tracking app with third parties, including the airlines, because the company said it does not want to encourage others to use it.

Google is trying to make its data more widely available, but has not said when it will start doing so.

The companies that use Google’s data include some of Europe’s largest airlines, including Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, Etihad, Emirates and Air France.

The FAA has said that it has the power to order the airlines to provide their flight data to the search giant, but it has not yet done so.

And even if it did, Google’s access to the data could be limited.

For example, the FAA could demand that the airlines provide Google with the location of any aircraft that they fly, and they could refuse to do so.

If Google is not allowed to use data from the data, it could make it harder for other companies to build the apps that people use to help find missing flights.

For instance, airlines might have to build a separate app to track missing flights and find out which aircraft might have gone down, and that app could be subject to a separate search by the FAA, making it harder to find and recover any missing aircraft.

The companies that do build apps that use data are also likely to face additional restrictions.

Google may not be able to offer them to airlines.

Or it may require that they share the data with Google, which might require the airlines share the location data with them.

The airlines also could be able make it difficult for their own app to run on top of Google’s, requiring them to build an alternative app that relies on the company’s technology.

In the meantime, Google will continue to build out its own flight tracking service that uses data from Flight Tracker and other flight tracking apps to help airlines locate and recover aircraft that have gone unnoticed.

Google also will continue using the flight data in its own products, like the Google Maps app.

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