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What it’s like to fly to Vegas from San Francisco and back in 3 hours and 12 minutes

Posted by admin

I flew to Las Vegas from Seattle last week.

I’d been there for four days.

I spent the day at the MGM Grand Hotel, which I had been told was one of the best in the world.

The hotel is the same as the one that opened the Las Vegas strip, and I was there for two days in December.

I spent the weekend at a couple of bars, including the aptly named Strip Club, which is where I had my first real experience of a Vegas night out.

That was the first time I’d ever been in Vegas, and it was so fun, it was like I was in the middle of a movie set.

I’m not kidding.

I could barely walk.

It’s amazing.

The best thing about Las Vegas, as I learned from this article, is that it’s a city that’s a little different from the rest of the country.

In many ways, it’s just a big, old town with a lot of history.

There are so many people here, you don’t need to be a professional traveler to be comfortable.

I went to the airport, which had a nice view of the Strip, and we had lunch at The Tenderloin.

I ended up staying at The Grand Ballroom, where a couple dozen people gathered to watch the opening ceremony.

I think the venue was really the only place I was able to enjoy the experience in a hotel.

The other ones were in the Wynn casino, which was pretty much just a giant nightclub.

At the Grand Ballrooms, there was a big tent set up outside where you could get your drinks.

The staff was super nice.

You could sit there and talk to them and it made it really cool.

I didn’t stay at a single hotel, but I did end up staying in a place called The Ledge Inn.

The L Edge Inn is a three-story hotel in Las Vegas that’s basically the place you’d see a lot in Vegas.

I’ve been to this place, which it has a reputation for being the best place to stay in Vegas for a number of reasons.

The one big thing I noticed was that it was a great location.

It has a lot going for it, so I think people like to stay here.

The Ledge has three main rooms.

One is a full-service bar, and there’s a bar on the second floor.

It had this big screen, and people would go into it and sit on it, and they could hear the music.

The music was really good.

The next room was this room with a big screen and a TV.

It was a really cool room.

You can really see everything.

I had an extra blanket, a couple towels, and a nice bed.

I was sitting there with my wife, who had been drinking, and she said, “This is great.”

She was in her first day.

She’s been here for four nights.

I told her that this is the best hotel, and then she told me I was the best.

I had a couple different nights at The Ligeance, but that’s all I remember.

I just felt like I needed to go out and have a good time.

The place was amazing.

It made me feel like I belonged, because it’s not like other places.

They put so many amenities.

You have a full bar.

You get a big TV.

You’ve got this big bar, so you could play your own music.

And I was enjoying it.

It seemed like a place where people could hang out, and you could go to a different bar, or even have a movie.

I really enjoyed it.

It was fun to see the people here and have fun with them.

I loved the music, because we could hear it, even in the bar.

It didn’t feel like we were in a club, so that made it more exciting.

They have an outdoor pool, and one of my favorite things about Las Vega is that you can come out here and watch the sun set.

We did that a few times, and every time, people would stop and take pictures.

The people were really nice.

It is an incredible place to hang out.

There was a lot to see and do.

I feel like if you go to Las Vega, you should go out there.

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