When are you going to be on an air flight?

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When are the airlines going to offer you an offer to fly?

That depends on what airline you fly on.

In the case of Singapore Airlines, the answer is now.

The carrier is currently on an “extended layover” that allows passengers to board a Singapore Airlines flight when it leaves Singapore at 8:15 p.m.

(5:15 a.m.) on Tuesday, June 23, a time when the city’s night rush is expected to peak.

The airline says that when the extended layover ends, passengers will be allowed to fly to Singapore, and then to Hong Kong.

For Singapore Airlines customers who wish to fly on a later date, they can use the same flight time and arrive in Hong Kong at the same time.

Singapore Airlines said it would continue to provide an offer for extended layovers, and that passengers who fly on the same day would be allowed “to fly from Singapore to Hong.

Singapore also says it will not be taking any passengers who are stranded in Hong.

This would be a departure from Singapore’s previous policy, which allowed Singapore Airlines to operate on an extended lay-over in case of a crisis.

What’s more, Singapore Airlines says it is not stopping its operations in Singapore, as it has for years.

Singapore Airways says it expects to see a large number of international travelers on its flights.

This will include people from countries including China, the United States, Australia, Germany, and others, the airline says. 

Singapore Airlines has also started a Facebook page for international travelers.

The Singapore Airlines Facebook page  has been active since January.

The page shows a timeline of events that will occur on Singapore Airlines flights, including when a passenger is scheduled to arrive in the country, when the flight will depart, and when passengers can board.

Singapore is not the only airline to offer extended lay overs.

In July, Delta announced it would be offering extended layoffs from May 1 through June 30.

And on June 23 , JetBlue said it was offering extended lieovers on a first-come, first-served basis from May 5 to June 30 and on an unlimited basis from June 1 to June 31.

JetBlue has not announced how long the offer will last.

But in a recent conference call, JetBlue CEO Michael H. Smits said that the company was planning to extend layovers on an ongoing basis through the end of the year.

Singapore and Delta are the only airlines offering extended, first and last-come-first-served layovers to its passengers.

“They may have been the ones that offered it last year, but now they’re the ones offering it to the public.” “

If you were to ask any one airline, you’d be surprised to find that they have not offered extended lay over before,” said Daniel LeBaron, a senior analyst with the consulting firm CB Insights & Moers.

“They may have been the ones that offered it last year, but now they’re the ones offering it to the public.”

Singulair is offering an extended offer for layovers.

But if Singapore Airlines’ extended layout ends on June 30, passengers who want to fly will be able to do so, said JetBlue.

In Singapore, many of the airlines’ international flights are booked up ahead of time.

Some have extended laydowns in case there are significant disruptions to the system, like an airport lockdown or other emergencies.

But Singapore Airlines is the first carrier to offer an extended extended layoff, said Dan Tresidder, the vice president of marketing for Singapore Airlines.

The extended layback in Singapore will be available on the airline’s website for only the first three days of the extended period, after which it will be closed to all international travelers, and Singapore Airlines will offer an offer of only one flight each day until the extended stay ends.

It is not clear how long Singapore Airlines expects to offer this extended layaway to passengers who decide to take the extended travel option.

But, Singapore’s airline has been offering extended travel options for some time.

For example, it offered extended travel to Singapore in 2010 and 2011.

Some international carriers, including American Airlines, have extended their layovers by up to six weeks.

The United States Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines have offered extended journey options for more than a year, and Southwest Airlines has offered extended itineraries since 2008.

The first extended lay time for Singapore was May 3, 2011, when it offered an extended stay option.

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