When I fly, it is not about me

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The new airlines, and airlines in general, are moving away from using a single system for booking flights.

While the airline industry has historically relied on the AirTran website, the airline has recently announced a new partnership with a platform called FlyerTalk, which provides more in-depth information and allows passengers to ask questions on-board. 

Airlines that have already started to implement the new system, such as Virgin America, JetBlue, and Delta, are expected to be the first to begin booking flights through Flyer Talk in 2019. 

As airlines transition from traditional booking systems, some airlines have made their passengers sign up for Flyer Talks and use their personal data to track their flights. 

“If you have a frequent flyer card, or have ever taken a flight, then you can easily do that on Flyer,” said Dan Ewing, VP of marketing for Delta. 

It’s not clear yet whether airlines will continue to use the same system for onboarding as they do now, but it’s a possibility.

“It’s very early in the process, so we’re not quite there yet,” said Ewing. 

While the system is a step in the right direction, it will be a while before it can truly become a universal booking system. 

For now, airlines are just relying on the system to help them book more flights.

The current system is only used for about 40% of all flights, according to data from the National Association of Airline Professionals. 

However, as airlines start to use Flyer for onboard reservations, they may soon see an influx of customers that use their data for booking, as well as for other onboarding purposes. 

According to the NASAP, airlines have been making some strides to improve onboarding in the past few years, and the number of onboard reservations for the 2019 calendar year is expected to top 50 million. 

Read more at TechCrunch: US Airways CEO, CEO’s daughter team up to help US airlines improve onboard security, security practices

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