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Which airline to book your flight on?

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I was shocked to find out that JetBlue was the cheapest airline in Spain for international flights.

 In fact, I booked my first international flight to Italy in September 2017 for €70.95. 

When I checked out, I realized JetBlue had no international partner, and my flight had already been cancelled. 

But that didn’t stop me from booking a second flight in the coming months, and I’m still flying on JetBlue now. 

The difference is that Jet Blue has no partner partner at all.

The only other airlines that have partners in Spain are Emirates, Lufthansa, Etihad, and Ryanair. 

That makes JetBlue the only carrier in Spain that offers a “partner-free” airline program. 

To find out which airline offers the most partners, I searched the airline’s website and found JetBlue to be the cheapest and most convenient to book international flights to Italy.

But JetBlue’s website is only a guide, not a reliable indicator of what’s really going on in the airline.

The airline is notoriously opaque about its partnerships, so you have to look for other companies that partner with the airline, and it’s not always easy to find such a list. 

If you’re looking for a partner, JetBlue doesn’t offer a travel partner list at all, and the company doesn’t even list its partners on its website. 

I did find some information about its partners, but I found it was only in Spanish and English. 

JetBlue partners with several airlines in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. 

It does have partner-free flights to Canada and the United Kingdom, though, and partners with Emirates. 

In a recent blog post, Jet Blue said it would be adding partner-friendly flights to Brazil in 2019, but the airline did not provide details. 

For example, the airline said JetBlue would be flying to Brazil from Barcelona on April 11, 2019.

However, Jetblue said it was adding partner flights to Brasil on September 15, 2019, and that was from Lisbon, not Brasilia. 

On its website, JetBlack said it had partners in Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay. 

However, JetBlack does not list the partners it has in those countries, nor does it list partners it did not have in those places. 

A spokesperson for JetBlue said it did have partners with Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Chile and Peru. 

So JetBlue didn’t have any partners in Argentina or Bolivia. 

Although JetBlue does have partners, they don’t appear on its official website.

JetBlue does not offer flights to Colombia or Chile.

Even JetBlue says it has no partners in Venezuela, but that’s not clear. 

Even Jet Blue’s partner-less policies in the U.S. seem to be based on partnerships with partners that have no affiliation with JetBlue. 

According to a February 2017 study from the Center for American Progress, more than 90 percent of flights between the U-S.

and the U.-Korea are between partner airlines, including Delta, Southwest, and American. 

American and Delta have partner partners in Peru, Brazil and Chile. 

Delta has partnered with Southwest, United and American Airlines. 

United has partnered American, Southwest and Delta. 

As far as JetBlue is concerned, its partners are all American.

For example: Delta, American, United, and United are JetBlue partners in the Caribbean, and Delta has partnered both American and United Airlines in the South Atlantic. 

Southwestern, United Airlines, and Southwest have partners Delta and American, United Airlines and United. 

Additionally, JetBlues partner in Colombia is Delta, United States Airports Commission, United Kingdom Airports Authority, and UK Airways. 

What does JetBlue really charge for partners? 

Jet Blue is a partner in most of the countries that it flies to, including Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Brazil, and many of its partners operate flights to those countries. 

You pay a higher fee for a flight to Panama or a flight from the Dominican to Colombia, for example, than you would for a domestic flight from a U.K. airport to the U,K.

JetBlue charges a $10.75 fee for each Colombian-to-Columbia flight, for instance, but only charges $5 for each Colombia-to–Panama flight. 

 Jetblue charges an additional $15 for each flight between the two countries, and $20 for each of Colombia and Panama. 

Other countries that JetBlack flies to include El Salvador and Honduras. 

Another reason JetBlue flies to partners that are not JetBlue customers is because JetBlue cannot partner with them directly. And that

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