Which airlines have canceled domestic flights?

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On Thursday, Delta said it would not fly to the United States next week.

Air France said it will stop flying to the UK.

United Continental said it was canceling its American Express flights.

United has said it plans to suspend its domestic flights to the U.S. until March 8.

United Airlines said on Thursday it would suspend all flights between New York City and Los Angeles. 

Delta has had a rough week, with its first three days ending with a strike, a suspension of operations and a delay in the processing of orders. 

The airline said on Wednesday that it would reduce the number of flights it would fly to and cut back on international routes, including from the U-Haul and JetBlue. 

United’s announcement came a day after Delta announced it would cancel all its domestic and international flights to and from the United Kingdom in protest of the U,K.

decision to leave the European Union. 

“We will continue to work with the government of the United Arab Emirates to determine our next steps, including the possibility of relocating the aircraft and its passengers to another destination,” the airline said in a statement on Thursday. 

Air France, a U.K.-based carrier, said it had canceled its U.J. flights, as well as flights to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and other U.N. sites, and would cut back flights to other cities in the U to focus on its European business. 

Meanwhile, Delta also announced on Thursday that it was cutting back its domestic domestic flights from its airports in Miami, Miami Beach, Tampa and San Diego, to Miami. 

American Airlines and United Continental announced they would suspend their international flights and reduce the routes. 

Cancelling flights and canceling domestic flights are common when a U-turn is necessary. 

Earlier this week, Delta announced that it will cancel flights from Los Angeles to Paris, saying the French government “has not yet reached a consensus on its position.” 

The U.G. government announced on Wednesday it would impose a two-week suspension of flights to South Korea, a move that was expected to be followed by a two to three-week delay. 

In a statement, United Airlines cited its decision to suspend flights to Seoul and the U.-Korea Friendship Association, saying it was “not in a position to support an extension of the suspension.” 

Delta said it canceled all flights from Chicago to Las Vegas, and it has cancelled flights to Miami, New York and Houston. 

JetBlue, which operates from Minneapolis to New Orleans, said on Tuesday it would close all of its flights from New York to New Jersey and New York. 

Southwest Airlines said it planned to reduce the frequency of its U-haul flights from Dallas to Seattle and Chicago to Dallas, but it also said it is “reviewing our options” in terms of flying to Washington, D.C. On Thursday, United said it may end flights to San Francisco, San Diego and Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

Dueling protests over U.L.E. withdrawal, arrests of anti-U.K. demonstrators, police brutality South African Airways suspended flights to London on Thursday, citing the U…

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